International customers


The easiest way to buy a ViVá item is either on my ETSY shop or paying directly through Paypal.

Choose the item you like. You can look here:
- Sketchbooks
- Sketchbook Quilt
- Sketchbook Stripes
- Booklet
- Recipe Book
- Fabric Boxes
- Umbrella's Collection
- Paris Collection
- Travel Diary
- Über Book
- Sketchbook Appliqué
- Caixa + livro

Send me the choosen link to the following address:
I’ll give you all the information you need: price, specifications and shipping costs.

OBS¹: Shipping costs are calculated by Brazil’s Postal Service, accordind to the customer’s country.

OBS²: All items will arrive neatly package with appropriate packaging materials.

OBS³: All the items will be shipped via Brazil Post office by Registered Air Mail.